Winter Essentials: Faux Fur & Sock Boots

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“The weather is not so cold”, they said.
“It’s just a little cold, it can’t be that bad”, they said.
“Do it for the love of the blog”, they said.
Well, they lied. Darlings, Winter is officially here!!!

Faux Fur & Sock Boots

The Season of Faux Fur is Here!!!

One accessory that I absolutely love for fall and winter is a faux fur. I always have one (or a couple dozen…oops!) in my wardrobe each year. Let’s all admit it: faux fur doesn’t really keep you warm and it’s not really fitted for actual Winter. But unlike ice cold days, it’s PERFECT for days when it’s kind of chilly outside but you still want to rock some skin and legs (And a little faux fur never hurt nobody!).

Faux Fur & Sock Boots

Faux Fur & Sock Boots

sock boots and fishnets

These days, faux fur is everywhere. Designers are including faux fur not only in jackets but now in vests, shoes, tops, and scarves and bags too and we just can’t get enough of it. The best part about faux fur coats is there are so many different ways to wear them.

If you’re thinking: what do I wear with faux fur?

My jacket is a bright yellow faux fur jacket I sewed (I couldn’t have done it without my super talented all-time babe, Magdeline). I paired it with a mini skirt, and a bandeau top, fishnet stockings and completing the look off with a pair of black sock boots. Speaking of sock boots, I feel like I’m one of the last people to get on the sock boot trend because I could never find one that fit me perfectly (it was either too loose or too tight) until I got this boots. They fit me like a glove, and were very comfortable to walk in for a long period of time (I’m definitely ordering more in different colors). Not forgetting my Kurt Cobain sunglasses to add that additional flare. If wearing a bandeau and a mini skirt was not enough to get me noticed, trust me the glasses got the job done.

Faux Fur & Sock Boots

In my opinion, one of the most fun parts about faux fur is all the colors it comes in. Colored faux fur is such an easy way to add even more personality to your look and it’s such a great statement. Bring on the sunny rays and good vibes with color. And it turns out that faux fur is all about EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!!

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