Corduroy Mood: Reasons To Love Corduroy

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It was just a matter of time… First, it was velvet (still is!) and it’s corduroy. It’s no longer just the uniform of my Geography teacher, corduroy is cool again. It’s so cool that everyone can’t get enough of it, from Runways to Influencers, to every online store. They are loved so much that they are getting sold out in every store.

I had been dying over the way corduroy is being styled lately and also dying to get my hands on a pair of cords but they were always sold out in my size so I decided to get myself some Corduroy fabric and sew the pants myself. Because it was a fabric I knew nothing about, I decided to make wide leg pants. No matter your body shape, you can’t go wrong with wide leg pants.

Corduroy Mood: Reasons To Love Corduroy

To add ton a finesse, I sewed the pants with a paperbag waist. Let me start by saying, I know I’m not the shortest by any chance but if it’s an outfit that makes my legs look and feel longer, with the added bonus of a cinched waist? SIGN ME UP!!! Let me tell you a little something about paperbag waist pants. They are High-waisted pants that are ideal for accentuating an hourglass shape and creating the illusion of legs for days.

Corduroy Mood: Reasons To Love Corduroy

I paired my Corduroy bottoms with a long sleeve turtleneck top, Percy Lau Garnet glasses and a beret for that touch of class. You ever notice how a beret just makes every outfit look like something straight out of Paris? (Oui!). Who knew that Berets would be back with a vengeance (This is definitely a post for another day). I am SO glad they are in style because cold ears are a big no. Let our heads and ears be warm and stylish this winter.

Corduroy Mood: Reasons To Love Corduroy

Corduroy Mood: Reasons To Love Corduroy

Are you thinking, “Why should I start adding corduroy pieces to my shopping cart and Wishlist? Here are some reasons why you should buy that corduroy piece when next you go thrift shopping. 

Corduroy adds an interesting texture to an outfit, come in so many fun colors, and—most importantly—are so warm. So with a trend that will keep you soft and warm, Check✔, give you a booty that comes from doing a thousand squats, Check✔, (I can’t even stress how good it makes your booty look), I think it’s time to give in. Give your denim a break and go get yourself some cords, babe!

 ✔ Soft & Solid
So so Cozy! Corduroy belongs to the comfiest fabrics and they are also solid and tear proof (Best of both worlds). So whether you wear it in the form of some wide trousers or a jacket, the soft but stable material will be create a cool everyday look.

Warm Yourself Up
It’s the time when you see your breath in the wind. WINTER! So apart from putting on layers and layers of clothing and gloves, a set of cord pieces can warm you up some more.

✔ A Close Relative to Velvet
Corduroy and velvet both have the same basic structure – except for the ribs, which make the difference. As velvet is a top trendy piece now, you might want to spice things up a bit.

✔ Simple Yet Elegant
A corduroy piece (there are even cord hats now😱)is an easy way for how to make an outfit a statement. It is not too extravagant or lavish but it still makes you stand out of the crowd. Corduroy bottoms work so well with silky blouses, denim shirts and chunky knits.

If you’ve got a pair of long boots, pair them with a corduroy A-line skirt or corduroy culottes. And that thrift cord jacket? Wear with your favourite jeans and either a silk blouse or a graphic tee underneath.

Below are my top picks of corduroy pieces:





Are you ready to get into the corduroy mood?


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