Streetwear: Off-White and Safety Sunnies

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Oh Street Fashion!!! Street Style is taking over the world. It has become as major as runway shows themselves. In my opinion, Streetwear is a very essential aspect of fashion because most trends these days have an aspect of streetwear in it. As a true streetwear chic, my outfit of the day is a streetwear.

For this outfit, I am wearing a Raglan Sleeve hoodie. A good hoodie is one of my top ten wardrobe must-haves (Should I do a blogpost on my Wardrobe Must-haves??? Leave a comment). Pair it with a baseball hat and Kicks or Sneakers and you have a casual sporty outfit. Pair it with ankle boots or thigh high and accessorize and you’ve gone from casual to Baddie (just like that).

I chose to pair this hoodie with a grey cotton leggings embellished with Yellow Off White Industrial belt. I have really been loving this trend of side stripes so I decided to sew the Off White Industrial Belt on the side of my leggings (Tutorial? Yes or No? Leave a comment). I sewed it halfway so the belt could have some flair and swing when the wind blows.

For footwear, I wore a pair of Off White sneakers to To accessorize, I wore my Extra!!! (I’m not the only one that names every item in my closet, right?) Safety sunnies (From my Glasses Collection~coming soon) to add a little extra to this outfit and they didn’t come to play. They turned up the Extra in this outfit to 100%. I also wore some silver “Multi-loop” earrings.

This streetwear is simple and casual but trust me, nothing was basic. Every piece of clothing complemented the other piece and that is the fun of Street Fashion. With streetwear you can never go wrong and that’s why I’m obsessed with all things street.

What are your opinions and thoughts towards Streetwear?

What do you think?