Glam Up Your Wardrobe: My First Guest Post

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The other day, I was on twitter and I saw a tweet from @bookishowlette about guest posting. Being a newbie blogger and wanting to connect with other bloggers I messaged (cuz’ it goes down in the dm🎶) that I was interested in writing a guest-post. Fast forward few weeks ahead and Voila!

BookishOwlette is doing a Birthday Featurama (Feature; showcasing talented people rama; spectacular display & extraordinary) where she features different guest posts from amazing bloggers 😊. Check out all the other bloggers in this Birthday Featurama (There’s something for everyone). You can check out her introduction post here.

Glam Up Your Wardrobe: My First Guest Post

I give some tips on ” How To Glam Up Your Wardrobe This Festive Season “, cuz this festive season it’s either “Go big or Go home”.

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