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When I got dressed today, I picked the outfits with the intention of writing a post about velvet. Now I’m going through all these pictures and, boom, it hit me. METALLICS!!!

Have you ever been in a situation when you browse through your favorite online store and come across a beautiful piece of clothing that you know is out of your comfort zone and you scroll past it (even though you love it so much and it hurts your heart to scroll past it) or you end up buying without thinking twice (because the love is real). I have!! And then for weeks (even months!) you think of ideas of how to style it or what to pair with it because it feels like a challenge! There are so many items of clothing I end up buying without  thought and they just end up at the bottom of my closet!

Although silver, gold, and other metallic tones are usually associated with the holiday season, this year everyone, from runways to fashion bloggers is rocking metallics with their casual and everyday outfits. Right now is the perfect time to jump on metallics because it’s trending hot and heavy right now. If the runways and street style haven’t been convincing enough for you to put on some shiny silver, then let me be. Let me show you ways to style metallic pieces, whether it’s a head-turning dress (that’ll bring all the boys to the yard), a jaw-dropping shoe (that will make everyone green with envy), or accessory (guaranteed to make you the talk of the town).

There’s no better time to rock some shine than NOW!

How to Style Metallics

They are a great option for night, and they can also be a part of your more casual, day-time looks. First, they add that fun little element that makes casual looks feel a bit more special, but also, they do a great job elevating those super easy-going outfits to the next level.

Balance the boldness of a metallic with a solid color (no florals, prints or stripes).

My trick to wearing metallics is simple – make that metallic piece the focal point of your look, and keep the rest of your outfit casual.

Take today’s outfit for example, I paired my metallic boots with a red velvet sweater dress and fishnets. The boldness of the metallic is balanced with the solidness of the red dress. The metallic boots work amazingly well with the casual sweater dress and adds just the right amount of drama to the casual look, and you know, a little drama is always good!

How to Style Metallics

I used to prefer darker velvet, but this year it seems to be all about the bolder colors. Velvet and metallic are rich textures that are create so much glam on their own. Pair them together and watch the magic happen!!!

Let your feet shine

A neutral shoe doesn’t always have to be black or nude. We accessorize our outfits with shiny metallic jewelry – why can’t we do the same with our shoes?

Metallic shoes work best as a statement item to your outfit (don’t forget to pair with bold colors and no crazy patterns).  Try a pair of jeans – navy or black, a nice shirt or camisole top and a blazer as the perfect outfit for your pair of metallic heels or a t-shirt and a matching metallic necklace for an effortlessly cool and casual day-time look.

Accessories that Dazzle

If metallic clothing and shoes just aren’t your thing, you can still wear the metallic trend! I suggest you look for accessories to be the cherry on top. I love my accessories – and wear them loud and proud. So, I’d recommend you try a bold statement earring that sparkles, a rhinestone choker that the eyes can’t resist, or a flashy clutch or backpack.

How to Style Metallics

How to Style Metallics

Metallic accessories are a great way of adding a little glimmer or shine into an outfit. Adding a few carefully chosen pieces will easily transform day wear into evening wear and make a simple outfit look and feel that little bit more special.



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