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Valentine's DayFew weeks back, I remember planning and drafting a post for Valentine’s Day. Being single at the moment, the post was going to be something about “Being single on Valentine’s” or “How to survive Valentine’s Day as a single girl” cuz if we’re being real, being single sucks sometimes but it can suck even more on Valentine’s Day when everyone is loving up with their partners and you’re left behind at home binge-watching some TV series and watching their Snaps and Instagram stories about their Valentine’s Date.

But this morning, I woke up feeling blissful and grateful about my life and here I am writing something entirely different from what I originally planned (this is why I’m so bad at preparing blogposts in advance)😅.

We are a generation that does not believe in stereotypes. We live in a time where relationships are so far from being traditional, and most of the times we prefer to not have our relationships labeled. Some people celebrate their Valentine’s Day with dates, flowers, gifts, and all that good stuff while others (including me) are of the mindset that love should be celebrated everyday and not just on a particular day.

Today my heart had me thinking, “Why fight it?”. Instead of thinking about a million reasons why something is wrong, think about the one reason why it is right. Every other day, I’ll tell you Valentine’s Day should be everyday cuz why restrict love to one day? But Valentine’s is here and I’m feeling sappy af so Happy Valentines to y’all.

Valentine's Day


Celebrate today. Celebrate love. Celebrate the love you have for your partner. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your body. Love your dreams and ambition. Love your crazy, creative mind. And above all love and celebrate yourself on this special day dedicated to love.❤


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