All Things Ayo

Who Am I?

I’m Ayomide Idowu (Ayo for short) and I’m just a girl whose life changed after she bought her first Hot-glue gun. Right from childhood, I have always had a passion for fashion and creativity so when i bought my glue gun, I went crazy with redesigning items from my closet. I remember thinking my glue gun was the highest level of creativity I could reach, until I bought my first Sewing Machine. Trust me, it was love at first use. Over time, I have developed into fully designing and sewing most of my closet items and I want to share this with you. (Did I forget to mention that I’m Instagram obsessed?)

All Things Ayo!!!

One of my favorite things about fashion is its versatility. Fashion makes it possible for us to express who we are, express our emotions, be whomever we want to be whenever we want. It makes us feel like we’re time-travelling through different eras and different places. Today it’s 90’s fashion or Instagram fashion, tomorrow it’s Runway Fashion. All these different phases of style are what this blog represents.
All Things Ayo is more than a personal style blog because fashion is ever-changing and style keeps evolving. This blog is a diary that every teenager has.┬áIt is a lookbook that takes you on a journey of fashion, style, feels and vibes through my eyes. It is a way for me to express and share my creativity, feelings, inspirations and passions with you. I hope you enjoy the outfits and looks….